All Leaders Are Readers Initiative

Barbers Who Care Inc presents the

All Leaders Are Readers Initiative.

As part of the Michael Hall Adopt a Family program, young boys will have free access to a virtual seat in the Barbers Who Care INC classroom held on the Raz-Kids platforms.

If your young man could benefit from additional reading opportunities that will bring excitement and will help him grow in comprehension along with a progression in reading levels, please send an email to with your child’s full name and reading level based on the Text leveling system. Click the link to learn more about the Text Leveling System.

Learning A-Z Level Correlation Chart | Reading A-Z exists as a resource for young boys to receive guidance from local barbers who care about their communities. We use free haircutting events to raise the self esteem of young boys. Barbershops are cornerstones in urban communities and are the best conduits of information. Therefore, the access to the All Leaders are Readers initiative is starting in the barbershop and continuing into your home.

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