Barbers Who Care Join forces with the Urban Barber Alliance

On June 10th The Urban Barber Alliance & the PA Style Team lead the charge for a rally at the Art Museum Steps in Philadelphia. The goal of the rally was to inform the community of the advocacy of both groups for businesses in Pennsylvania and to keep our elected officials aware of the ability for these groups to inform the public.

Barbers Who Care joined forces with the UBA to support their efforts in the community. The Andis Clipper Company has been informed of the rally and has committed to support the UBA through the Barbers Who Care Inc non profit organization through a tax deductible donation.

Barbers Who Care Inc exists to raise the self esteem of inner city youth through free grooming services and access to resources. The Urban Barber Alliance is a consortium of barbershop owners who are effecting change in their communities by way of advocacy with elected officials in large numbers, and increasing the financial health of barbershops through shrinking cost of operations through increased buying power, unified price minimums, and increasing value of services offered.

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