Barber’s Who Care Provide Hope For The Homeless

Click here to donate to Chosen 300 Ministries
Imagine if you were jobless but recently found a job. The job requires you to catch a train and a bus to get to and from work. The issue is you dont have carefare. Would you desire someone to assist you in getting back and forth to work? 

Chosen 300 Ministries feeds the homeless everyday and are in touch with men & women desiring to get back into the work force daily. There is always a need for additional help. Barber’s Who Care will be donating our time to give as many haircuts away as possible on Dec 21st at the 39th St location on Chosen 300 Ministries, but we envision more than just haircuts to be provided. We desire to give all the people who have recently been hired and provide proof of their recent hire a month traspass along with a free haircut. We desire to provide head to toe makeovers for 10 of the people served on that day as well. This is inportant to us because we know much looking good causes one to feel good and potentially preform much better at work becuase of it. 

You can help support this cause by donating as small of a donation as $1 or as much as you feel lead to donate. Click the link above to donate today.  

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