All Leaders Are Readers Initiative

Barbers Who Care Inc presents the

All Leaders Are Readers Initiative.

As part of the Michael Hall Adopt a Family program, young boys will have free access to a virtual seat in the Barbers Who Care INC classroom held on the Raz-Kids platforms.

If your young man could benefit from additional reading opportunities that will bring excitement and will help him grow in comprehension along with a progression in reading levels, please send an email to with your child’s full name and reading level based on the Text leveling system. Click the link to learn more about the Text Leveling System.

Learning A-Z Level Correlation Chart | Reading A-Z exists as a resource for young boys to receive guidance from local barbers who care about their communities. We use free haircutting events to raise the self esteem of young boys. Barbershops are cornerstones in urban communities and are the best conduits of information. Therefore, the access to the All Leaders are Readers initiative is starting in the barbershop and continuing into your home.

Barbers Who Care Join forces with the Urban Barber Alliance

On June 10th The Urban Barber Alliance & the PA Style Team lead the charge for a rally at the Art Museum Steps in Philadelphia. The goal of the rally was to inform the community of the advocacy of both groups for businesses in Pennsylvania and to keep our elected officials aware of the ability for these groups to inform the public.

Barbers Who Care joined forces with the UBA to support their efforts in the community. The Andis Clipper Company has been informed of the rally and has committed to support the UBA through the Barbers Who Care Inc non profit organization through a tax deductible donation.

Barbers Who Care Inc exists to raise the self esteem of inner city youth through free grooming services and access to resources. The Urban Barber Alliance is a consortium of barbershop owners who are effecting change in their communities by way of advocacy with elected officials in large numbers, and increasing the financial health of barbershops through shrinking cost of operations through increased buying power, unified price minimums, and increasing value of services offered.

Barbers Who Care serve over 275 kids with free haircuts, book bags, free dental screenings, & more.

Recap Video of the Barbers Who Care 2019 event in Philadelphia

On Sept 1 2019 several barbers from the Philadelphia & surrounding areas joined forces to serve the community with free haircuts, book bags , dental screenings, access to healthcare info, food and fun. United Healthcare aided in our efforts to help spread the news, and aid with logistical support to help the day run smoothly.

BarbersWhoCare Back 2 School Free Haircutting Events Serve Over 400 Kids

Friday August 24th, 2018

5 Barbers Who Care team members along with 17…Days of Fashion held a free haircutting event live on Fox 29 ‘s Good Day Philadelphia with Mike Jerrick. From 7am- 10am young boys came to get fresh just in time for school. Marquis Watson , from the Philadelphia 76ers sales office, gave out Nike sneakers too. Click the link below to see the replay of the show Live on Fox 29.

Sunday August 26th, 2018

21 Barber Who Care team members served over 300 youth with free haircuts, bookbags, dental screenings, and gift cards. The West Philadelphila YMCA was the host location and United Health Care donated an Imagination Playhouse for the children to play with while they waited. Lusters Scurl supplied all the barbers with grooming products and supplied 200 attendees with product too. Click the link to watch the CBS recap

Barber’s Who Care Provide Hope For The Homeless

Click here to donate to Chosen 300 Ministries
Imagine if you were jobless but recently found a job. The job requires you to catch a train and a bus to get to and from work. The issue is you dont have carefare. Would you desire someone to assist you in getting back and forth to work? 

Chosen 300 Ministries feeds the homeless everyday and are in touch with men & women desiring to get back into the work force daily. There is always a need for additional help. Barber’s Who Care will be donating our time to give as many haircuts away as possible on Dec 21st at the 39th St location on Chosen 300 Ministries, but we envision more than just haircuts to be provided. We desire to give all the people who have recently been hired and provide proof of their recent hire a month traspass along with a free haircut. We desire to provide head to toe makeovers for 10 of the people served on that day as well. This is inportant to us because we know much looking good causes one to feel good and potentially preform much better at work becuase of it. 

You can help support this cause by donating as small of a donation as $1 or as much as you feel lead to donate. Click the link above to donate today.